State of the Church


On Sunday, May 20th we launched our new Life and Family Together (LIFT) campaign.  This capital campaign has two purposes – the first is to retire any debt from the construction of the new parsonage up to $80,000 and then to immediately begin to raise support for the construction of our new Family Life Center on our Church property at an approximate cost of $500,000.  I would like to encourage you to join us in what God is doing by financially supporting these two vital projects.

Church family, we have accomplished so much in just the last 5 years!  God has been faithful and generous to us as His Church and I am thankful.  Now we have an opportunity to expand our reach and ministry in this community.  The new Family Life Center is not just for the Church but we are also looking outward to how we can bless and serve the city of Eufaula.  We need every person, every group and every age in our Church to support these 2 projects financially.  I am including a green envelope that we have just for this LIFT campaign.  Please consider it my invitation to you to join my family in supporting this project.  We are encouraging our Church family to give this as a special offering above your normal giving.  I am including some pictures of the progress of the parsonage construction and some images of the plan for the new Family Life Center.


In October 2018 we completed new Senior Pastor parsonage.  This .pdf is an update on what we have accomplished for the Lord and what we have left to do in this project.

2018 L.I.F.T campaign update!

Know that you are loved!
Pastor J. Ingram