Welcome Home – our Church reopening plan.

Church family,

We have been through many trying times as a Church over the years. The recent COVID-19 pandemic was something that no one alive has ever dealt with before. Your Church leadership has done our very best to help protect the health of our congregation. This is why we have worshiped online – separated but together – for the last 5 weeks.

Following guidelines from the State of Oklahoma and guidance from our Trustees and Deacons we feel it is time for us to being slowly resuming services here at First Baptist Church.

This is our plan to make that happen.

We join together for worship on Sunday, May 3rd. We will not have a nursery until a later date.

We will not have Sunday school for the time being – we will hopefully restart soon.

We will approach this a week or two at at time being sensitive to any changes that may develop.

We will have the Church cleaned and sterilized before and after each service.

We will have hand sanitizer and masks freely available.

We will encourage people to sit apart. Sit with your family but keep space between each other for the time being.

We will take an offering but the plates will be by the entrances to the sanctuary to receive your gift.

We will strongly encourage anyone with a health related vulnerability to stay home and watch the live stream.

We will be continuing the live streams as they have been a vital and successful part in reaching our Church and community.

This is our tentative plan – we need to be flexible as we see how things develop.

I want to thank you and all our Church for serving each other and the community during this time. I have seen God at work in you as you are shepherding people to Jesus.I am very thankful for our Trustees and Deacons for their service and leadership through all of this.Please pray for us as we move forward with this plan.Know that you are loved!

Pastor J. Ingram and the Trustees of First Baptist Church of Eufaula.