An update on our Church and COVID-19

Church family –

Tonight – Tuesday, March 17 our Trustees decided to cancel all Worship services and activities at First Baptist Church.

We will maintain this cancellation on a week to week basis until we can meet together again.

This also included all Wednesday Night activities, and other Church activities throughout the week.  

The Church office will remain open.

We are doing this with heavy hearts but we do it for best reasons – the health and safety of our Church and community.   We believe that taking a break is a prudent and wise action that will help slow any potential spread of COVID-19.  P

Our Services will be online on Facebook live and here on this website each Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.

We are also conducting 2 live streams during the week to connect with our Church and community. These live streams will be hosted on Facebook.

The Church office will remain open as normally scheduled.

Your Pastor and Staff will be reaching out to our Church family – especially our older families- to care for, pray for and serve them as needed. 

Our Trustees and Finance Committee wants to remind our Church that we depend on the regular weekly financial support of our Church family

Please remember your Church in this difficult season.  We have an online giving option that it on the upper right corner of this webpage.

You can mail your offering to First Baptist Church at 400 West Foley, Eufuala, OK 74432, bring it by the office or call us at (918)689-2437 and we can send someone to pick it up from you.  

Your faithful giving allows us to support our Church, Staff and Community during this time.

I want to also encourage members that are able to reach out to your Church family and the community at large to offer any help you can to people that may be self-isolating during this time.  If you can help someone with getting them groceries, picking up a prescription, or other short term needs – that would be a wonderful way to serve.

We MUST be the Church in all seasons and this is an opportunity for us to live the love of Jesus toward our Community.

 First Baptist Church has served this Community for almost 130 years.  We have endured world wars, depression, recession and disease. 

 We will come through this time a stronger and better Church.  Thank you for your personal service and sacrifice in loving Jesus and this Community.

Know that you are loved!

Pastor J. Ingram and the Trustees of First Baptist Church of Eufaula.